Serious Relationship: are you ready for the next step? 

At iLove, we understand the complexities of modern dating, and we’re here to help you navigate the transition from casual dating to a committed relationship. Take our test below to see if you’re ready to take the next step.  

Embarking on the journey of dating is exciting, but when does it evolve into something more? When do you understand that the person you are dating is the right one for you?  

Tips to understand if you are ready for a relationship

Love is guided by feelings. Do you want to know if you are developing some feelings for the person you are dating and if you are ready to embrace a new relationship? You should answer the following questions:  

Do you find yourself excited about your next meeting? Are you happy when you think about him/her? If so, you may already have feelings for him/her.  

Have you agreed to be exclusive, meaning you are no longer seeing other people?  

Do you enjoy relaxing together after a busy day, finding comfort in each other’s company?  

Have you introduced each other to your respective friends and enjoyed socializing together? 

Have you met each other’s families, a significant step in building a deeper connection? 

Are you making plans for the future, such as going on vacations or attending events together? 

Do you turn to each other for emotional support during difficult times, building trust and understanding? 

If you agree with three or more of these signs, your casual dates may evolve into a beautiful relationship. Start the conversation with openness and honesty, discussing your feelings and expectations. 

Is it serious?

Are you not completely sure? No rush. There is no reason to throw yourself into a relationship if you don’t feel ready. When you know it’s time, share your thoughts and desires with your date and everything will get clear. 

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