Community Guidelines

Hello Guys, here are our coommunity guidelines!

ILove Community Guidelines

ILove is a platform designed for individuals seeking genuine connections and meaningful relationships. We aim to provide our users with a positive and safe dating experience. To achieve this, we expect all members to take responsibility for their behavior and interactions within our community.

The Fundamental Principle

The cardinal rule to remember when using ILove is simple:

If you wouldn’t say, do, or show something to a potential date in person, refrain from doing so online.

Before sending a message, asking a question, or uploading a photo, always consider whether you would engage in the same behavior if you were meeting face-to-face. If the answer is no, it’s best to avoid it online as well.

Key Principles of Online Behavior

There are four essential principles we ask our members to adhere to:

  • Be kind
  • Be respectful
  • Be safe
  • Be genuine


Treat others on ILove with the same respect and kindness you would expect for yourself.

Avoid rudeness, meanness, bullying, harassment, or stalking. If someone indicates disinterest, respect their boundaries. If someone blocks you, refrain from attempting to re-establish contact. It’s best to move on.


Every successful relationship is built on mutual respect, and it’s crucial to demonstrate respect from the outset.

Your profile picture and username are your first impression. Choose a username that leaves a positive impact and a photo that sparks curiosity. Content containing hate speech, obscenity, or trolling will result in account suspension.

While flirtatious and even sexy messages are acceptable between consenting adults, refrain from sending unwelcome sexual propositions or explicit content, especially at the initial stages of a relationship. ILove does not tolerate illegal content or solicitations for commercial sexual services.


Prioritize your safety above all else while using ILove. Interact only through the platform, avoid sharing personal information too quickly, and never disclose sensitive details like your address, email, or phone number to untrusted individuals.

ILove is a dating platform, not an e-commerce site. Do not solicit private information, engage in unlawful activities, or misuse member data for commercial purposes.

Only adults are permitted on ILove, and any accounts found to be operated by minors will be permanently banned. Report any underage users immediately for their safety and yours.


ILove is a community for authentic connections, not for one-night stands or illicit affairs. Be sincere in your intentions, and refrain from engaging in scamming or fraudulent behavior.

Avoid promoting external links, commercial messages, or copyrighted content without permission. All content shared on ILove is the responsibility of the user.

Behave Online and Offline

We encourage our members to maintain kindness, respect, safety, and genuineness not only online but also during in-person interactions, whether on dates or at ILove events.

If you encounter inappropriate behavior from another member, report it to customer services for assistance.

Combat Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has no place on ILove. We define cyberbullying as repeated messages sent to an individual despite non-response, containing insulting, discriminatory, defamatory, or unsolicited sexual content.

To combat cyberbullying, follow these rules:

Wait for a response before sending further messages. Limit your replies to avoid overwhelming the recipient. Respect the other person’s boundaries and refrain from using offensive language or sending inappropriate photos. If you experience cyberbullying, report the profile directly from your mailbox or block the user to prevent further contact.

At ILove, we prioritize creating a safe and respectful environment for all our members. Let’s work together to foster a positive and enjoyable dating experience for everyone.