10 Dating Profile Mistakes to Avoid

Online dating is full of potential, but it’s important to stand out for the right reasons and to show the best version of yourself. Avoid these 10 common mistakes, improve your dating profile and go find the best match for you on iLove!

Be more than just statistics on your dating profile

Instead of listing age and profession, showcase your personality and passions: conquer your possible next partner presenting yourself for who you are and for what you like.

Skip the cheesy lines

Chat-up lines rarely impress online. They don’t show a lot about yourself and could even make people run away. Let your personality shine through genuine conversation.

Keep your dating profile realistic

Setting high standards can intimidate potential matches. Be open-minded and approachable.

Common mistake: resort to the past

Focus on the future and avoid bringing past heartbreaks into your profile. Do not reveal the disappointments of your old relationships, this could scare your next partner. 

Timing matters

Wait until you’re ready to date again before diving into online profiles. Do not immediately show that you are just out from a relationship, you can explain this further on.

Show your dating profile with positivity

Avoid negative statements that could not be attractive and turn potential matches away.

Show initiative

Take the time to craft a thoughtful profile that gives others something to connect with. Write few sentences about yourself which will involve potential matches to contact you.

Keep it light

Avoid writing about things that you don’t like. Negativity doesn’t belong in dating profiles. Focus on what you enjoy instead.

Embrace online dating

Do not criticize other people’s choices. Avoid judgmental statements that could alienate those who prefer meeting online.

Complete your dating profile

Leaving it blank doesn’t entice potential matches. Take the time to share a bit about yourself and find the perfect match for you!

What's next?

Avoid these 10 dating profile mistakes and finding the love of your life will be much easier. Feeling nervous when thinking about what will happen next? Don’t worry! Follow our tips on how to break the ice on a first date! 

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